2016/17 Council Registration

  • A Councillor must be a Member of the Association.
  • Each academic unit may have only one Academic Council.
  • The number of Councillors for an Academic Council is determined by the Voting Councillor Allocation.
  • An Alternate Councillor must be a Member of the Association and a member of their respective Academic Council.
  • Each Academic Council may register Alternate Councillors if a Councillor is unable to attend a Council meeting their Academic.
  • Council may send an existing registered Alternate Councillor in their place.
  • Alternate Councillors shall be vested with the voting and speaking rights of the Councillor they are replacing.

The duties of a Councillor shall include but are not limited to:

  • Representing their Academic Council;
  • Attending all Council Meetings;
  • Serving on Association Committees;
  • Ensuring the well­being of the Association; and,
  • Being familiar with all governing documents including the Non­Profit Corporation Act, 1995, Roberts Rules of Order, the Constitution, By­laws, and Policies.

Please Note: Academic Councillors who are unable to attend a meeting and who do not have alternates must notify the GSA Chair.

Voting Members


Academic Council

Colin McLaren College of Kinesiology Graduate Society colin.mclaren(at)usask.ca
Isaac Pratt College of Medicine Graduate Student Society isaac.pratt(at)usask.ca
Emiliana Bomfim College of Medicine Graduate Student Society e.bomfim(at)usask.ca
Aurora Bowery ARCHAIA ajb944(at)mail.usask.ca
Brenda Byers IGSC brenda.byers(at)usask.ca
Breanna Anderson Animal and Poultry Science Graduate Student Council b.anderson(at)usask.ca
Steve Fraser Indigenious Graduate Student Council
Evan Poncelet Psychology evan.poncelet(at)usask.ca
Derek Green Toxicology Graduate Student's Association d.green(at)usask.ca
Lindsay Physics and Engineering Physics Graduate Association of Students at the University of Saskatchewan (PEGASUS) lindsaygoodw(at)gmail.com
Chris Maierhoffer MBA Representative Council chris.maierhoffer(at)live.com
Luc Chabanole Graduate Geological Society luc.chabanole(at)usask.ca
Josh Cronmiller Geography & Planning Graduate Council josh.cronmiller(at)usask.ca
Devin Agriculture and Resource Economics Graduate Association das048(at)mail.usask.ca
David Hilger Soil Science Graduate Students Association David.Hilger(at)usask.ca
Logan Pizzey ARE Agriculture and Resource Economics Graduate Council ljp774(at)mail.usask.ca
Daniel Karran Geography and Planning Graduate Council daniel.karran(at)usask.ca
Stephanie Streich Geography and Planning stephanie.streich(at)usask.ca
Ifeoma Adaji Computer Science Graduate Course Council ita811(at)mail.usask.ca
Rahat Yasir Computer Science Graduate Course Council ray335(at)mail.usask.ca
Tonny Kar Computer Science Graduate Course Council tonny.kar(at)usask.ca
Davis Rogers History Graduate Student Committee davis.rogers(at)usask.ca
Morgan Kirzinger Computer Science Graduate Course Council mwk129(at)mail.usask.ca
Sylvana Tu School of Public Health Student Association sylvana.tu(at)usask.ca
Afolabi Ayeni EGCC afa467(at)mail.usask.ca
Viktoria Hinz SENSSA vfh894(at)mail.usask.ca
Jaylene Murray School of Environment and Sustainability Jaylene.murray(at)usask.ca
Prajjwal Gautam EGCC prg488(at)mail.usask.ca
Naheda Sahtout Chemistry Course Council naheda.sahtout(at)usask.ca
Mila Markevych EGSA mila.m(at)usask.ca
Dimitry Zakharov History Graduate Students Committee diz284(at)mail.usask.ca
Vidit Patel EGCC vidit.patel(at)usask.ca
Roland Macana EGCC rjm860(at)mail.usask.ca
Oluwasegun Oyafajo EGCC olo299(at)mail.usask.ca
Haley Scott WCVM Graduate Students' Association haley.scott(at)usask.ca
Arinjay Banerjee WCVM Graduate Students' Association arinjay.banerjee(at)usask.ca
John History Graduate Student Council jre.bird(at)gmail.com
Iloradanon Efimoff Indigenous Graduate Student Council iloradanon.efimoff(at)gmail.com



Ziad Ghaith President gsa.pres(at)usask.ca
Nafisa Absher Vice-President Operations and Communications gsa.ops(at)usask.ca
Kusum Sharma Vice-President Finance gsa.fin(at)usask.ca
Ali Kiani Vice-President Academic gsa.acad(at)usask.ca
Shailza Sapal Vice-President Student Affairs gsa.sa(at)usask.ca
Carolyn Gasper Vice-President External gsa.external(at)usask.ca
Mylan Tootoosis Aboriginal Liaison gsa.aboriginal(at)usask.ca

Alternate Members


Academic Council

Jason Ho PEGASUS j.ho(at)usask.ca
Brandon Sparks Psychology Graduate Student Association brandon.sparks(at)usask.ca
Timothy Tong MBARC trt881(at)mail.usask.ca
Katherine Raes Toxicology Graduate Students Association katherine.raes(at)usask.ca
Obadiah Awume GEPL council oba128(at)mail.usask.ca
Federica Giannelli English Course Council federica.giannelli(at)usask.ca
Alasdair Morrison Geography and Planning Council adm085(at)mail.usask.ca
Karissa Patton History Graduate Student Committee karissa.patton(at)usask.ca
Ian Smith SENSSA iws022(at)mail.usask.ca
Michael Paul SENSSA mpp099(at)mail.usask.ca
Rebecca Kennedy School of Public Health rlk227(at)mail.usask.ca
Tolulope Emiola-Sadiq Engineering Graduate Community Council tolu.emiola(at)usask.ca
Kendall Krepps Soil Science Graduate Student Association kendall.krepps(at)usask.ca
Joshua Economics Graduate Student Association j.thomas(at)usask.ca
Ethan Runge PEGASUS ethan.runge(at)usask.ca