Professional Excellence Award

Arathi Arun, a Master of Public Health Candidate at the University of Saskatchewan wins the Professional Excellence Award.

Arathi Arun is an MPH candidate at the University of Saskatchewan with particular interests in health policy and management. Her passion for improving community health, as well as her multicultural background has enabled her to pursue a career in the public health profession. Her work with the School of Public Health has been an invaluable experience, as it has enabled her to intertwine her academic rigor along with her passion to make an impactful contribution to the community. 

Throughout her study at the University of Saskatchewan, Arathi has worked with the Ministry of Health in Regina to delve deeper into the process of health policy integration and put the core competencies of public health into use. Working with the Ministry has by far been her most profound experience in the public health program, which involved developing and integrating policy recommendations for ventilator dependent clients in Saskatchewan. She is an advocate of promoting good health practices and improving the health of the community at large. She firmly believes in building relationships with community members in order to integrate living.

In addition to her practicum work, Arathi has showcased her leadership through her involvement with health promotion initiatives in the community, as well as on campus. While working with the community, she conducted health workshops with the SWITCH organization, in order to promote exercise as a form of medicine to marginalized community members of Saskatoon’s West side area. Furthermore, she has also collaborated with the Student Health Services and the College of Medicine, in order to promote sexual health awareness and initiatives on campus. These have been enriching experiences that have further cultivated her interest in delving into the field of qualitative research, in order to make a difference in the community. Arathi is committed to working on public health projects, and has volunteered at Juravinski Cancer hospital and MacWheelers spinal cord rehabilitation center in Hamilton, Ontario. 

Currently, Arathi is working as a research assistant with the School of Public Health, investigating the flow of ventilator dependent clients in Saskatchewan, using social network analysis. Through this research she hopes to address the health care issues faced by ventilator clients and to facilitate better ways to manage and allocate health care resources within the province.

Arathi, is also the recipient of the Dr. James Rossiter MPH practicum award, through the Canadian Institute of Health and Research. She strives to continue a career working on health policy integration.

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