• Access to the usage of the GSA Commons and its facilities.
  • Applying to the GSA for funding grants for events.
  • Advertising news and events through the GSA.
  • Have a minimum of 75% of its total membership that are GSA members
  • Have members from more than one GSA Council
  • Reapply for social group status each academic year
  • Exist for the betterment of its members
  • Not exist for the financial betterment of its members
  • Not restrict membership on a basis of sex, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, unless approved by Course Council
  • Not exist for the purpose of discrimination or harassment of any group
  • Use membership fees and money garnered for the objectives outlined in the constitution of that group
  • Elect its membership in a democratic fashion
  • Hold public meetings
  • Make its meeting minutes and governing documents public to its membership and the GSA

Registered Social Groups


Contact Information

Let's Talk Science

Brittancy Laing


Tox on Tap Derek Green d.green[at]usask.ca