Mission Statement

The mission of the Graduate Students’ Association is to: 

  • Be the recognized representative body of its members to the University administration, its faculty, and the external community; 
  • Ensure its members have access to quality services that support their academic success; 
  • Advocate for the unique needs and concerns of its members; and,
  • Build a cohesive community among its members. 


All graduate students are members of the GSA and thus have the right to vote in elections, referenda and at general meetings (usually held twice per year). The general membership is the highest decision-making body of the GSA. General meetings provide all members with opportunity to shape the policy and bylaws of the GSA. GSA members are also entitled to seek positions on a ll committees of the Graduate Students' Association and some University committees as graduate student representatives. 

Members' Rights

The rights and privileges of Regular Members shall be: 

  • To vote in all Association Elections, By-Elections and Referenda; 
  • To hold offices within the Association;
  • To attend meetings of the Association subject to the Bylaws and Policies of the Association; 
  • To move or second motions at such meetings; 
  • To speak for or against a motion at such meetings; 
  • To vote in Annual General Meetings or Special General Meetings; 
  • To access any services provided by the Associations; and,
  • To gain admission to and/or actively participate in any Association sponsored event and/or program subject to the restrictions of that particular event and/or program. 

Affiliations: The Canadian Federation of Students

The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) is the largest student organization in Canada. Formed in 1981, the stated goal of the Federation is to represent the collective voice of Canadian students and work at the federal level for high quality, accessible post-secondary education. Students become members of the CFS automatically as a result of paying membership dues to local student unions. Current graduate students pay $11.46/year and are apart of Local 101 University of Saskatchewan Graduate Association.


A large part of the CFS' mandate is to lobby the federal government from its national office in Ottawa. Over the years, CFS representatives have testified to dozens of House of Commons committees, including the Standing Committee on Finance and the Standing Committee on Humans Resources Development and Persons with Disabilities (student loans).


In addition to the ongoing testimonies and meetings, the CFS holds an annual Lobby Week that brings together dozens of students from across Canada to meet with their local Members of Parliament and Senators.


CFS Services

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is your passport to fantastic discounts and services at home and around the world. The ISIC card is the only internationally recognized student ID; making ISIC cardholders are members of a truly global club. Every year more than 4.5 million students from 120 countries use their student card to take advantage of offers on travel, shopping, museums and more, worldwide.


Contact VP External for more information on how to receive your ISIC card gsa.external@usask.ca


The Studentsaver Card is Canada’s only student owned and operated national student discount program. With thousands of discounts across Canada, Studentsaver helps students save money on everyday purchases like books, clothing, food, and entertainment. Each year, Federation members receive their Studentsaver Card through their local students’ association.


Members simply take their card to any of the participating businesses to receive discounts ranging from 10% to 50% off purchased goods and services. In addition to discounts, the card acts as a Federation membership card. Unlike the ISIC, the Studentsaver Card is available to part-time students. Currently, VP External is working with CFS to solicit deals in the province of Saskatchewan for students.

For more information contact VP External, gsa.external@usask.ca


SWAP Working Holidays is a not-for-profit organization that has been working for over 40 years to promote cultural exchange opportunities to Canadians. a program of the Canadian Federation of Students. Originally, SWAP Working Holidays was called "Student Work Abroad Program (S.W.A.P.)" because it was originally catered to full-time students and recent graduates. Over time, foreign governments changed their regulations to include most youth (up to age 35), which allowed us to expand these programs and opportunities to non-students as well - so it was only fitting that our name changed as well. Today, we here at SWAP provide a wide range of programs, for young Canadians who want our traditional working holiday programs, but also teach abroad positions, volunteer abroad adventures, and hard-to-acquire work in the US visas. We're proud that our new cultural learning programs are open to people of all ages! Encouraging Canadians to live, work, contribute, travel, and experience the world is our mission and we provide the options to help turn even your wildest travel aspirations into reality.

Over 40 years ago, Canadian students established a national travel bureau to provide for this need. This was the beginning of the Canadian Universities Travel Service (Travel C.U.T.S.). For more information: https://www.travelcuts.com/?gwy=YXE

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 For more information about CFS and their services please visit http://cfs-fcee.ca