Advising Excellence – Dr. Julita Vassileva

Excellence in Aboriginal Research - Maya Basdeo 

Exceptional Course Councillor Award - Sarah Purdy 

Excellence in Community Service - Tracy MacDonald

Outstanding GSA Partner - Student Employment and Career Centre 

Research Excellence in the Humanities - Adam Pottle

Research Excellence in the Sciences - Rita Orji

GSA Champion Award - Dr. Jay Kalra

Advising Excellence – Dr. Nazmi Sari 

Excellence in Aboriginal Research - Janna Schurer     

Exceptional Course Councillor Award - Cinnati Loi

Excellence in Community Service - Sarah Crawford 

Interdisciplinary Research Excellence - Albert Ifeanyi Ugochukwu 

Outstanding GSA Partner - Alumni Association

Outstanding Past GSA Executive - Nicole Callihoo 

Professional Excellence - Mengna Lu 

Research Excellence in the Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, Law or Education - Rim Lassoued

Research Excellence in the Sciences - Abdallah Karoyo  

Advising Excellence Award - Dr. Alexander Moewes

Exceptional Academic Councillor Award - Annie Battiste

Excellence in Aboriginal Research Award - Belinda C. Daniels

Interdisciplinary Research Excellence Award - Zohreh Izadifar

Professional Excellence Award - Keshini Madara Marasinghe

Outstanding GSA Partner Award -

Outstanding Past GSA Executive Award - Omeasoo Butt

Research Excellence in the Sciences Award - Ahmed Abdel-Salam

Advising Excellence -Dr. M. Louise Humbert

Excellence in Aboriginal Research -Ranjan Datta

Excellence in Community Service -Kayla Madder

Interdisciplinary Research Excellence -Farhad Fathieh

Mark Kroeker Exceptional Student Leadership Award -Isaac Pratt

Research Excellence in Social Sciences -Jan M. Gelesh

Research Excellence in Sciences -Max V. Birk

Advising Excellence Award - Dr. Bev Brenna

Excellence in Community Service - Jebunessa Chopola

Excellence in Indigenous Research Award - Mylan Tootoosis.

Innovative Research Award - Inimfon A. Udoetok

Interdisciplinary Research Excellence - Arnjay Banerjee

Mark Kroeker Exceptional Student Leadership Award - Jaylene Murray

Professional Excellence Award - Arathi Arun

Research Excellence in the Sciences - Adam Crane

Teaching Excellence Award - Dr. Carey Simonson

5-year Service Award - Sherri-Lynn Rohovich