Advising Excellence Award - Dr. Regan Mandryk

Excellence in Community Service Award Abigail Zita Seshie

Mark Kroeker Exceptional Student Leadership Award - Jillian Kusch

Research Excellence in Interdisciplinary Studies AwardThilina Bandara

Research Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineernig or Math Award - Adesola Oluwasijibomi Olufade

Leadership Excellence Award - Ziad Ghaith

For his dedication and commitment towards the GSA during his terms as an Executive. 

Advising Excellence Award - Dr. Bev Brenna

Excellence in Community Service Award - Jebunessa Chopola

Excellence in Indigenous Research Award - Mylan Tootoosis

Innovative Research Award - Inimfon Abner Udoetok

Interdisciplinary Research Excellence Award - Arnjay Banerjee

Mark Kroeker Exceptional Student Leadership Award - Jaylene Murray

Professional Excellence Award - Arathi Arun

Research Excellence in the Sciences Award - Adam Crane

Teaching Excellence Award - Dr. Carey Simonson

5-year Service Award - Sherri-Lynn Rohovich

Advising Excellence Award -Dr. M. Louise Humbert

Excellence in Aboriginal Research Award -Ranjan Datta

Excellence in Community Service Award -Kayla Madder

Interdisciplinary Research Excellence Award -Farhad Fathieh

Mark Kroeker Exceptional Student Leadership Award -Isaac Pratt

Research Excellence in Social Sciences Award -Jan M. Gelesh

Research Excellence in Sciences Award -Max V. Birk

Mark Kroeker was born in Loma Linda, California on September 21, 1989 with a fatal condition known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome and underwent a cardiac transplant when he was just one week old. After recovering from transplant surgery in California for eleven months, Mark moved with his family to British Columbia where he insisted on living a completely normal life.

Mark loved school. He was always a strong student leader, and was highly involved with his community. During his final year he was a student representative on the Vancouver School Board. In high school he was very involved with the drama club and won several awards from his school and a city-wide annual event known as Vancouver Drama-Rama.

After graduating from high school, Mark went to study at Mount Allison University in Sackville, N.B. where he completed a B.A. in Geography.  Mark served as VP External on the Mount Allison Students’ Advisory Council for three years, and was well respected by the community as a leader.

Mark enrolled in a Masters program at the University of Saskatchewan in the department of Geography and Planning, exploring urban Aboriginal attitudes regarding city planning in Saskatoon under the supervision of Dr. Ryan Walker. As per usual, he immediately became engaged in his community, serving as President of the Geography and Planning Students’ Association, and Chair of Course Council for the GSA.

Many of us who knew Mark personally are still struggling to come to terms with the enormous void in our hearts and lives left by his sudden and unexpected death in May, 2014. The award in his name to acknowledge exceptional student leadership is a very fitting and meaningful tribute to the Mark Kroeker we all remember.


Advising Excellence Award - Dr. Alexander Moewes

Exceptional Academic Councillor Award - Annie Battiste

Excellence in Aboriginal Research Award - Belinda C. Daniels

Interdisciplinary Research Excellence Award - Zohreh Izadifar

Professional Excellence Award - Keshini Madara Marasinghe

Outstanding GSA Partner Award -

Outstanding Past GSA Executive Award - Omeasoo Butt

Research Excellence in the Sciences Award - Ahmed Abdel-Salam

Advising Excellence Award – Dr. Nazmi Sari 

Excellence in Aboriginal Research Award - Janna Schurer     

Exceptional Course Councillor Award - Cinnati Loi

Excellence in Community Service Award - Sarah Crawford 

Interdisciplinary Research Excellence Award - Albert Ifeanyi Ugochukwu 

Outstanding GSA Partner Award - Alumni Association

Outstanding Past GSA Executive Award - Nicole Callihoo 

Professional Excellence Award - Mengna Lu 

Research Excellence in the Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, Law or Education Award - Rim Lassoued

Research Excellence in the Sciences Award - Abdallah Karoyo  

Advising Excellence Award – Dr. Julita Vassileva

Excellence in Aboriginal Research Award - Maya Basdeo 

Exceptional Course Councillor Award - Sarah Purdy 

Excellence in Community Service Award - Tracy MacDonald

Outstanding GSA Partner Award - Student Employment and Career Centre 

Research Excellence in the Humanities Award - Adam Pottle

Research Excellence in the Sciences Award - Rita Orji

GSA Champion Award Award - Dr. Jay Kalra