Budget and Finance Committee

  1. VP Finance and Operations as Chair - Mery Mendoza
  2. President - Humaira Inam
  3. Council Member-Aisha Sajid
  4. Council member – Kamal Mostofa
  5. Regular/general member- Cameron Choquette
  6. Regular/general member- Ebenezer Bediako
  7. Regular/general member- Sareh Nazari
  8. Regular/general member- Joyce Reimer
  9. Regular/general member - Stéphane Gérard

This Committee shall be convened and be responsible for the drafting of the Operating Budget for the preceding Fiscal Year, to be approved by Council subject to the requisite Bylaws and/or Constitutional regulations. This Committee shall also be charged with discussing broad financial policies and goals for the Association and may report them to the Council, the Membership, and/or any other Committees of Council that this committee sees fit. This Committee shall meet a minimum of bi-monthly with additional meetings scheduled as necessary during budgeting periods.

Bursary Selection Committee

  1. VP Finance and Operations as Chair - Mery Mendoza
  2. VP Academic and Student Affairs - Carmen Marquez
  3. Council Member- Kamal Mostofa
  4. Council Member- Iyanu Kumayon
  5. Council Member- Khaled Zoroufchi


This Committee shall be convened to administer the collection, evaluation and disbursement of GSA Need-Based Bursaries in accordance with the Bursary Policy. This Committee shall meet three times per year to rank and evaluate all Bursary applications according to the established rubrics with any approved or necessary modifications to such a ranking system in accordance with the Bursary Policy.

Elections and Referenda Committee

  1. Council Chair and Chief Electoral Officer - Devin Cherneski
  2. Council Member-Aisha Sajid
  3. Council Member- Khaled Zoroufchi
  4. Regular/general member- Rosmary Martinez
  5. Regular/general member- Nicole Pasloski
  6. Regular/general member- Zoher Rafid-Hamed

The Elections Committee is a committee of Council responsible for overseeing and managing Elections and Referenda as required by the GSA. The terms of reference of this committee are outlined in the relevant Bylaws section of the GSA pertaining to elections and referenda.

Governance Committee

  1. President - Humaira Inam
  2. VP Academic and Student Affairs - Carmen Marquez
  3. Council Chair as ex-officio - Devin Cherneski
  4. Council member - Elyse Proulx-Cullen
  5. Council member - Amanda Gannon
  6. Regular/general member- Afees Ayodeji Ayandira
  7. Regular/general member- Dolapo Oyedeji
  8. Regular/general member- Lucas King
  9. Regular/general member- Jovita Dias

The Governance committee is required to ensure the Association retains the correct documentation (Policies, Bylaws, and Constitution) to fulfill its mandate. The primary activities of this committee include: (i) revising existing documents; (ii) creating required policies and/or bylaws absent in the existing documents; (iii) authoring recommendations and bringing forth motions for Policy, Bylaw or Constitution amendments, accordingly

Code of Ethics and Discipline Committee

  1. Council Chair and Chief Electoral Officer - Devin Cherneski
  2. Council Member- Khaled Zoroufchi
  3. Council Member- Kamal Mostofa
  4. Regular/general- Britanie Thomas
  5. Regular/general member-Vishal Hirani
  6. Regular/general member- Kristen Hargis
  7. Regular/general member- Gurinder Dhanju
  8. Regular/general member-Simranpreet Bhala

The Code of Ethics and Discipline Committee shall be convened to review any complaints received against any Executive member, Council member, or any other individual acting on behalf of the GSA. It shall also serve as an appeal committee for decisions of the Election and Referenda Committee, as described in the Association’s Bylaws. The Council Chair shall serve as chair of the committee, except in cases where a real or perceived conflict of interest exists, in which case an acting chair shall be elected by and from the other members of the committee. In all of its deliberations, recommendations, and actions, the committee shall be bound by the Bylaws and Constitution of the Association. No member shall disclose any information, which comes to their knowledge as a result of their membership on the Committee, with the exception of the Committee chair in their formal recommendations to Council, or as required by law or University policy.

Awards Selection Committee

  1. VP External Affairs as Chair - Qasim Gill
  2. President - Humaira Inam
  3. Council member – Kamal Mostofa
  4. Council member – Tonye Jack
  5. Regular/general member- April Fox
  6. Regular/general member- Sandhya Chandran
  7. Regular/general member- Md Najmul Hossain 
  8. Regular/general member- Ka-Sheena Minott 
  9. Regular/general- Britanie Thomas

The Awards Selection Committee is responsible for the selection of the Graduate Students’ Association Annual Award Winners, under the guidance of the Vice-President External Affairs. Individuals selected for these awards will be honored at the Annual Awards Gala held at the end of each Fiscal Year. The committee is responsible for, in alignment with the Annual Awards Policy;

  • Determining the criteria and guideline to award selection.
  • Assessing each nomination package according to the selection criteria.
  • By consensus, determining the recipient of each award.
  • Serving as volunteers at the Awards Gala.

Sustainability Committee

  1. VP External Affairs - Qasim Gill
  2. VP Indigenous Engagement - Tina Alexis
  3. Council member- Kamal Mostofa
  4. Council Member- Khaled Zoroufchi
  5. Regular/general member-Olakorede Kanmi-Obembe 
  6. Regular/general member- Sarah Firby 
  7. Regular/general member- Yasmine Wafa
  8. Regular/general member- Alivia Mukherjee
  9. Regular/general member- Alexander Kwame Gavu

The purpose of the Sustainability Committee is to: 

  • Promote environmental, social, economic and well-being sustainability issues related to
    graduate students.
  • Assume responsibility to guide sustainability initiatives and the application of
    sustainable practices at the GSA.
  • Collaborate and build partnerships with other units to address sustainability.
  • Advise Council on matters related to sustainability.
  • Host at least one initiative or event, whether it be the Sustainability Slam or otherwise,
    during the Fiscal Year.

Diversity Committee

  1. VP External Affairs - Qasim Gill
  2. VP Indigenous Engagement - Tina Alexis
  3. Council member- Brady Kroeker
  4. Regular/general member-Rifat Zahan
  5. Regular/genera member-Mandana Bidarvand
  6. Regular/general member- Mercy Ogbogboyibo
  7. Regular/general member- Tongjia Yang
  8. Regular/general member- Natasha Istifo
  9. Regular/general member- Celeste Osses

The Diversity Committee will primarily focus on graduate students with disabilities, graduate
students of diverse sexual orientations, and/or any minority group fostering inclusion,
acceptance, understanding, support, and education. This committee will act as a body to:

  • Make recommendations to the Executive to ensure the GSA is inclusive to all its
    members, so as to provide a better graduate student experience and create a welcoming
    environment and cohesive community for graduate students on campus.
  • Liaise with Council to ensure the GSA services/initiatives are inclusive.
  • Organize events/initiatives in collaboration with the Executive and other committees.