Please note: Social Club ratification is valid from September - August of each academic year. Social Club's must re-ratify every academic year. 


A Social Group must:

  • Exist for the betterment of its members.
  • Use any membership fees and money for the objectives outlined in the constitution of the Social Group.
  • Elect its executive in a democratic fashion following the procedure in its
  • Hold elections at least once per year.
  • Hold public meetings.
  • Make its governing documents public to its membership and the Association.
  • Not exist for the financial betterment of its members.
  • Not be named in a manner that violates any obscenity or copyright legislation.
  • Not exist for the purpose of discrimination or harassment of any group.
  • Be inclusive to any GSA Member.

Ratified Social Groups may have the privilege of:

  • Booking the GSA Commons, as per the Association booking procedures.
  • Applying to the Association for funding, following the Social Group Funding Policy, and in accordance with the Bylaws and Policies of the Association.
  • Advertising news and events through the Association, with the approval of the Executive.
  • Being indemnified by the GSA Commons liability insurance for certain events
    and activities

To be ratified, Social Groups must;

  • Have more than 50 % of its total membership be GSA Members.
  • Have more than 50 % of its executive be GSA Members.
  • Have members from more than one Academic Council.
  • Have completed and submitted an application for ratification, which identifies:
    • The official name of the Social Group.
    • The names and NSIDs of the Social Group’s executive.
    • The Social Group executive who are GSA Members.
    • The percentage of Social Group members who are GSA Members.
  • Have submitted an up-to-date copy of their constitution, which includes:
    • An outline of the Social Group’s mission, purpose, structure, and
    • The official name of the Social Group.
    • The policies and procedures for democratic elections of Social Group
    • The financial procedures and policies of the Social Group.
  • Have submitted a void-cheque.

To ratify your Social Group, fill and sign this form.

Please attach a void cheque as well as the constitution of your Social Club to this application.

The above documents must be submitted or mailed to the GSA Main Office. 

Attention: GSA Vice-President Academic and Student Affairs

1337 College Dr, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 0W6

Monday-Friday 9 AM - 7:30 PM



Bangladeshi Students' Assoc.

 Md Huzzatul Islam Khan - President

Mustaq Ahmad - VP Admin

Taymura Zulfikar - VP Finance

Debasish Chakroborti - VP Events

Sahrima Jannat Ooishwee - VP Culture

Mohammed Thamidur Rashid - VP Sports

Ananya Kowshal - VP Communication

Let's Talk Science

Anne Brigitte Lim - Special Events & Rural/Remote Coordinator

Alivia Mukherjee - Local Events Coordinator

Nepalese Students' Association 

Binamra Adhikari - President

Shandesh Bhattarai - Secretary

Abinash Subedi - VP Finances

Nitesh Chhetri - VP Sports

Subash Chapagain - VP Student Affairs

Prakhyat Khati - VP Event Management

Ayush Basnet - VP Public Relations

Tox on Tap

Jensen Cherewyk - Executive

Hannah Mahoney - Executive

Maira Peixoto Mendes - Executive

Emily Kennedy - Executive

Hamzat Fajana - Executive

Bright Boamah - Excutive