In 1981-82, the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) established an Academic Council system. Academic Councils act as mini-associations within the GSA and are made up of students from one or more departments who share common interests. Each Academic council elects / appoints representatives to attend the GSA General Council meetings, which are usually held monthly. General Council meetings provide these diverse groups with a platform through which they can communicate their concerns to other graduate students, the University, various political and national organizations and provincial and national governments. An Academic Council can also provide the basis for academic and social interaction among its students. To this end, the GSA allocates a portion of its total budget to Academic Councils who meet the constitutional requirements and whose representatives regularly attend General Council Meetings.

To get involved in the GSA Council, please visit

There are many ways you can get involved in the work of the GSA. You can run for a position on the GSA Council through your department or college, you can join a GSA committee or volunteer for a position on a University committee as a graduate student representative of the GSA.

Look for calls for volunteers on activities and projects throughout the year or feel free to propose ideas to the GSA Executive members.