2023 Graduate Research Conference

The GSA is hosting the 2023 Graduate Student Research Conference. Posters will present every research and the researchers will present their studies. You don’t need to present your achievements! Explaining your studies and research field will enrich the discussions and open alternative paths of research, which is the primary goal of this event. This conference brings together our bright graduate students and provides the opportunity to share their latest progress, exchange skills on different topics, share the challenges and an opportunity to create research collaborations.

Submit your work by January 10, 2023 and you might win one of the four $500 prizes.


The GSA is proud to present an Annual Graduate Student Research Conference taking place every year. This annual conference aims to bring together graduate students from a wide range of fields to be part of this opportunity and share their knowledge and expertise in different topics. We encourage all graduate students to submit an abstract and participate. We welcome submissions from the whole spectrum of the science field.

Please submit your research abstract using this link. Please be advised that we only need an abstract and a poster explaining your studies or achievements. We don't need a full paper.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s conference!

For more information, please contact the VP Finance & Operations at gsa.fin@usask.ca.

GRC 2022 - March 18 - Abstracts

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