BE ADVISED: Starting April 22nd, 2024, the GSA Spring term U-Pass app is downloadable on your smartphone. 

May 7, 2024 - Last day to submit opt-out applications for eligible students enrolled in Spring Term. Completed online forms are due no later than 4:30 p.m.

Spring 2024 U-PASS fee will be assessed to graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan.  

Your first step is to check whether you have been assessed the "GSA Saskatoon Transit Fee" for Spring going to PAWS -> Tuition and Fees -> Account Summary -> 2024 Spring Term.

  1. If you have NOT been assessed the U-PASS fee and wish to OPT-IN to the U-PASS – please follow the instructions of the section titled "U-PASS Opt-In"
  2. If you have been assessed the U-PASS fee and wish to OPT-OUT of the U-PASS – please make sure you meet the eligibility criteria to opt-out and follow the instructions of the section titled "U-PASS Opt-Out" Be advised, students who opt out in the winter term are not automatically opted out in the spring term.
  3. If you have been assessed the U-PASS fee and wish to USE your U-PASS – please follow the instructions of the section titled "Using your U-PASS"

To learn how to check if your classes are in-person or exclusively distance based, read the information in the blue box at the top of the Classes and Registration page. To check if you have been assessed the UPass transit fee, go to the Tuition and Fees channel in PAWS and select 'View and Pay my Tuition and Fees'.

UPass offers students huge savings for transportation on Saskatoon Transit.

The cost of the UPass for Winter 2024 is $119.65. 

The cost of the UPass for Spring 2024 is $119.65. 

Post-doctoral and graduate students registered in any of the federated or affiliated colleges of the University of Saskatchewan, who are GSA members and have a valid NSID number, may purchase the UPASS from the GSA at this discounted price. In order to do this, please contact the GSA Office via email at gsa.admn@usask.ca. The 2023/2024 academic year GSA membership is $74.12. Membership is valid from September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024. 

April 22, 2024
Spring Term U-Pass can be loaded. Spring Term U-Pass allows you to access Saskatoon Transit from May 1 to June 30. You will be required to activate your U-Pass each term.
April 22, 2024
Opt-out applications for eligible students enrolled in the Spring Term may be submitted online. You will be required to submit your U-Pass opt-out application each term.
April 30, 2024
Winter Term U-Pass is deactivated at the end of the day. Spring Term U-Pass will be required effective May 1, 2024.
May 1, 2024
Spring Term U-Pass is active. You can activate your U-Pass on your phone after the start of the term (12:00 am on May 1st for the Spring Term).
May 7, 2024
Last day to submit opt-out applications for eligible students enrolled in Spring Term. Completed online forms are due no later than 4:30 pm.
June 30, 2024
Spring Term U-Pass is deactivated at the end of the day. Spring Term U-Pass will be required effective July 1, 2024.

How to Opt-In to the Spring UPass:

If you have not been assessed the U-Pass fee, after May 1st, 2024 you can contact Student Central via Student Central inquiry form using your U of S email account, and ask to have your account assessed the V-Fee (Voluntary Fees). When you see the U-PASS fee (GSA Saskatoon Transit Fee) appear on your student account summary (PAWS), please follow the instructions below in the section titled "Using your U-PASS". There is no deadline to opt-in to the U-PASS for the Spring 2024 term.

NOTE:  You cannot just have the UPass fee only added. The V-Fee includes ALL student fees such as Athletic, Recreation, Wellness etc. For details, please check out the 2023-24 Graduate Student Fees.

When you see the UPass fee (which will show as GSA Saskatoon Transit Fee) on your account summary, please follow the tab below titled To Use Your Smartphone as U-Pass which provides more information.

Students who are assessed the U-Pass fee, but wish to opt-out can do so if they meet the following opt-out eligibility criteria:

  • students living outside the corporate limits for City of Saskatoon;
  • students required to be away from Saskatoon working or doing research for more than half of an academic year;
  • students enrolled exclusively in distance education courses or programs (this does not include remote);
  • students who hold a disability parking pass for the U of S;
  • students who are eligible for discounted passes under Saskatoon Transit's agreement with Social Services; and
  • students who live in on-campus residences (Voyageur Place) - please note that students who live off campus residences don't meet this criteria.

To apply for the U-Pass Opt-Out click OPT-OUT application button at the top of the page.

The last day to apply for the Spring 2023 term Opt-Out is May 7th, 2024 at 4:30 p.m. Opt-Out applications completed after the deadline will NOT be accepted

IMPORTANT:  If the above links do not work, please consider clearing caches and trying again.  

Note: Please make sure to log in to your PAWS account when you are filling the opt-out form. 

To use your smartphone as your UPass follow these instructions:

In order for you to use the UPASS, please follow the instructions below:

Setup your smartphone: 

(If you had your phone setup for prevoius U-Pass, you can skip to the "Load your U-Pass" section)

  1. Go to your phone's app store and download the Saskatoon Transit mobile ticketing app, Transit Go (TGo)
  2. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, follow these steps to create an account:
    1. Open the Transit Go app and in the top right corner, click the three lines to be presented with the Utilities menu
    2. Select "My Account"
    3. Select "New account" if you haven't created an account for the Transit Go app
    4. Enter your Usask email address in this format abc123@usask.ca
      1. It is very important that you use that email format, do not use abc123@mail.usask.ca or firstname.lastname@usask.ca. If you do not use that format, PAWS will not recognize your account and your U-Pass will not be available on your phone.
      2. Enter a password for your Transit Go account, we recommend not using the same password as your University accounts.
      3. After entering your password a second time, select the "Create a new account" button.
    5. Check your Usask email account (abc123@usask.ca) for a verification email from Saskatoon Transit. The email will be from noreply@justride.com (if you don't see it within 5 minutes, check your spam/junk folder)
    6. You will need to click the Verify Account link in the email to complete your account creation setup
    7. After you have verified your account, you can follow the next steps on PAWS.

Load your U-Pass onto your smartphone:

    1. Login to PAWS and go to the U-Pass portal paws.usask.ca/go/upass
    2. You will then be shown a list of term options available to you.
    3. If the system shows that you are not eligible for a U-Pass, you are either:
      1. not enrolled in classes for that term.
      2. only taking classes that do not have the U-Pass fee associated with them.
    4. If you are eligible for a U-Pass for a term, you will see an [Activate] button next to the list, click that button.
    5. Check your Your Saskatoon Transit Go app, your U-Pass will appear on your mobile phone in less than 3 minutes.
    6. If you don't see the pass after that time, select the "My Passes" button in the app and press the refresh icon in the top right corner.
    7. You will then be able to activate your U-Pass on your phone after the start of the term (after 12:00 AM on May 1st, 2024 for the Spring Term)

    Please ensure that you have thoroughly read all information concerning Using your U-PASS, opt-in and opt-out procedures prior to sending inquiries about the U-PASS. If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact gsa.admn@usask.ca

  • You pay less per month than the adult rate per month for an adult bus pass.
  • Taking the bus reduces your carbon footprint and helps reduce pollution in general.
  • Increased use of transit can reduce traffic on campus and in surrounding areas making them friendlier to pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Transit provides access to most areas of the city, mitigating the need for cash-strapped students to own cars.
  • You don't have to pay for expensive parking on campus.

To prevent fraudulent use of the U-PASS, or the use of an invalid U-PASS, and to protect the integrity of the U-PASS Program, Saskatoon Transit will have the right to request of any person using the U-PASS to provide additional proof of graduate student status at the University of Saskatchewan. The parties agree that any graduate student who cannot produce additional proof of graduate student status may be refused a ride.

Saskatoon Transit may, at its discretion, impose penalties, prosecute  and offer no refund of payment if a graduate student enrolled in the U-PASS Program:

  • Attempts to use a fraudulent U-PASS. 
  • Permits the use of a U-PASS by another or attempts to transfer a U-PASS to another.
  • Attempts to use an invalid U-PASS.
Please review our FAQs here.