Picture of  Rifat Zahan

Rifat Zahan President

The President is accountable for the actions and guidance of the GSA. This person is the official Public Relations Officer for the organization and acts as a liaison between graduate students and the University community. The President is also responsible for coordinating lobbying activities at the local, provincial, and national level.

Picture of Ehsan Moradi

Ehsan Moradi Vice-President Finance and Operations

The Vice-President Finance and Operations oversees the GSA's finances and internal operations. This includes maintaining financial records, monitoring income and expenditures, and working closely with the GSA Office Manager to coordinate the operation of the GSA Commons.

Picture of  Mostofa Kamal

Mostofa Kamal Vice-President Academic and Student Affairs

The Vice-President Academic and Student Affairs is the official GSA advocate on academic and non-academic issues. Students who have concerns related to their academic and non-academic life at the University, for example working conditions or discrimination and harassment, should contact the Vice-President Academic and Student Affairs.

Picture of  Devin Cherneski

Devin Cherneski Vice-President External Affairs

The Vice-President External Affairs serves as a liaison officer between the GSA Executive and the Canadian Federation of Students, including its sub-bodies such as the National Graduate Caucus. This position is also accountable for liaising between other national and international student unions and associations and implementing any campaigns.

Vice-President Indigenous Engagement

The Vice-President Indigenous Engagement shall work to provide inspirational, transformational, and visionary leadership towards the Indigenization of the Association and create experiential and educational opportunities for graduate students to learn about and understand Indigenous cultures and ways of knowing.